Who We Are?

Our dental clinic BELLEVUE INSTITUTE is located in Istanbul, Maltepe. We are proud to provide our patients with the most advanced equipment and the latest technological solutions with doctors who are each specialized in their field. We have 25 doctors, each one as talented as the other. Among them are Professors in implantology, experts in prosthesis, experts in periodontology, root canals and others.  BELLEVUE INSTITUTE is made up of the best dentists in Istanbul who are dedicated to their work and take care of each patient individually. Bellevue offers you its services with all-inclusive stays for your health and above all to give you back your smile.

Established in 1996, IMPLADENT continues to serve with oral health standards with modern medical devices, distinguished medical staff and experienced personnel. In 2018, in cooperation with BELLEVUE INSTITUTE, we offer the services of our clinic and medical specialists internationally. We listen to our patients to offer them convenient packages and organise their stay! Trust us and regain confidence in your new smile! Your teeth deserve the best treatment.


We know how difficult it is for you to come to the dentist and even more so abroad, we understand you and from the moment you enter our clinic, we will be by your side from start to finish, with our friendly team and our specialist doctors to make you feel as comfortable as at home.


Give you back your smile!

While providing you with the highest quality dental care. Supervisory authorities also control the grade and operation of our clinics, making them safe and reliable.


We are aware of the value of people, of patient care.

We take care of our patients as well as our relatives and guests.

We show balanced sincerity and closeness to everyone.

We have a responsibility to the people, the clinic, and our environment.

We are always curious and eager to innovate and develop.

Our goals are quality dental care, the best materials, the latest technology, an exceptional laboratory and impeccable hygiene.

Our happiness is to see you 100% satisfied and with a smile full of joy that you have been waiting for years.